From the recording All Of Our Lives

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I do believe I walked these fields once before
When galleons crossed the seas and crashed upon the shore
So valiant in the face of what the night would bring
We fought together for a king
Defiant and grand as we finally fell
Beneath the weight of burning knives
Knowing there’d be no more, and waiting silently for
The next of all of our lives…

In time I’ll sail a rocket out beyond the sun
The torch from failing hands held high for everyone
I’ll cruise through endless nights on highways with no name
To undiscovered lands to claim
I’ll drink in the silence and virgin beauty
Till the passengers arrive
With their flags to unfurl, and the fate of our world
And all of our lives…

And it’s a mystery to me
Whatever will become of all we’re gonna be
If only it was just enough
To resign ourselves to the moment
Still, I don’t believe the pain is all in vain
One day we’ll find there’s so much more
Another life awaits as we step through the door…

I’m gonna miss you more than you’ll ever know
I’ll see you in the autumn skies turning to snow
I’ll think about the lives that we could have led
And all the things I should have said
It wasn’t to be in this moment
Still, I know that something will survive
You’ll remember me when we come together again
Somewhere in all of our lives…