Interstate Island´s “Mountain” sets a cinematic sound that is enhanced by the video´s storytelling: an action movie story with a plot twist…. A powerful interaction between the solid rhythmic section, a string line, the guitar strength (and) the vocal emotionalism.”  
-Visual Atelier 8

“(In) what can only be described as a classic rock slow burner, “All Of Our Lives”…  creates a beautiful everlasting message which explores the hopes of an alternative existence where we never have to say goodbye to loved ones.”

“If you are a fan of classic pop/rock (Styx, REO Speedwagon) paired with sweeping orchestral arrangements (think Electric Light Orchestra), I really think you’ll like “All Of Our Lives,” from the new album by Interstate Island, Brave New World.  The new collection features soaring electric guitar solos and string arrangements thanks to a 21-piece orchestra. #ThumbsUp”
-the Randy Report

It is a project which doesn’t just show the influence of ELO to my ears, but also Pink Floyd and T-Rex. The string arrangements give a grandeur which feels like it was from fifty years ago while having a contemporary sound… I particularly enjoyed “Grey Wolf”, “Other Places” and “Requiem for (the) Battery” (which acknowledges the 20th anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center) – this is a tight project which feels like a cohesive whole while being an album in which you can dip in and out.