From the recording Requiem For the Battery

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Growing up in Sheepshead Bay
The City skyline never seemed so far away
Her nights of endless wonder
She gave her life to me
I gave my life for her…

At 9AM we got the call
Arrived at Vesey Street an hour before the fall
We knew… my thoughts were with you
But duty called and we pressed onward
No time to be afraid…

Rain down
All of His mercy on your shoulders
Don’t grieve too long
We’re watching from afar
Sleep now
Rest ever easy till the morning
You must be strong
Don’t let them break your will
And we’ll be fighting still
(And we’ll be with you still…)

Somewhere within the smoke and ruin
Six floors beneath the plaza they’ll discover soon
The City’s soul still barely breathing
Put them back up where they stood, proud and tall
Let your conscience close the door…


And we’ll be with you still…
Yes, we are with you still…

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