1. Grey Wolf

From the recording Grey Wolf

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I remember when, one night gave way to morning
Somewhere on the 10, a truckstop diner calling
“Come inside, are you ready for this ride
Do you know the implications of moving so long against the tide?”

How was I to know this wasn’t just another
Fire in the snow, or fleeting breeze in summer
Patiently, you wait for me
By a porchlight in the desert from even this distance I can see…

The grey wolf leads a lonely life, then meets someone like you
He’s left to wonder if his hard and fast beliefs were ever true
But if this isn’t meant to be, if you’re not the one for me
Then I will walk alone, these streets that are my home
While we run wild and free
Together in my heart…

I feel you getting near, though this is not my nature
Instinctive sense of fear, don’t know the nomenclature
How’d we find our way into this bind
Though I long for sweet surrender I look for the road to leave behind…


Oh, you say it’s only fantasy
There’ll be a happier ever after
Is it too much to believe in me,
Is it too much to believe in me?

Tell me what to do, for winter’s fast approaching
It’s stealing into view, the changing light’s encroaching
Feel the chill, see the frost on the windowsill
Well it looks so warm beside you baby, but I fear that I’ve lost the will…


The road not taken in my heart…

©2023 Long Island Express Music / BMI